June 8, 2020

San Diego Maternity Session for Anne + AJ

When Anne and AJ reached out to do a San Diego maternity session with me, I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Not only are maternity sessions some of my favorite types of sessions, but Anne is one of my closest cousins. So needless to say I was VERY excited to plan this photoshoot. Anne and AJ were living in Dallas at the time, so we hopped on a FaceTime call and got started on planning!

Planning their session

Anne and AJ both grew up in San Diego, and they were coming back to visit for a couple weeks. It was perfect timing for their maternity shoot. Anne had two types of locations in mind for their shoot – Downtown San Diego and the beach. We decided that instead of picking between the two, we should just do both! We put together a plan for which areas we’d go to and how much time we’d need at each spot. Anne and AJ also picked different outfits for each location. After we ironed out all of the details, all that was next was to do the photoshoot!

Downtown San Diego Maternity Session

I met up with Anne and AJ right in the heart of Downtown San Diego. After we parked, AJ sneakily pulled me aside and told me he wanted to start off our session with a prayer and a gift that he had for Anne. We all made our way to the top of a parking structure nearby with a gorgeous 360° view of the city. It couldn’t be more perfect! I had Anne and AJ get into their first “pose” and AJ turned to Anne and held both of her hands. He said a short prayer for the two of them and their baby. By the end of it, Anne was in tears (and so was I). After the prayer, he pulled a small box out of his pocket and inside was a gorgeous ring.

After they hugged and wiped away their tears, we got the party started. Anne and AJ were such a fun couple to photograph! We walked (danced) our way around the top of the parking structure and got some amazing photos of them with Downtown San Diego in the background. After about an hour at the top of the structure, we went back down to ground level and grabbed a few photos on the way back to our cars. From there, we drove about 15 minutes to our next spot – Sunset Cliffs.

Sunset Cliffs

Sunset Cliffs is a very popular spot for photoshoots in San Diego. So on a Friday night, we expected it to be pretty busy. Luckily, the spot we chose was off the beaten path, so we didn’t have to fight the crowds very much. Anne and AJ did a quick outfit change, and we were ready for part 2 of our session. We walked along the cliffs and got some gorgeous shots of Anne and AJ with the pacific ocean in the background. As the sun started setting, we made our way back to our cars.

It was such a joy getting to document this beautiful time for Anne and AJ. They have such fun personalities, and they’re going to be the best (and coolest) parents ever! Baby E is definitely one lucky kid!

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